About All Services

Who is responsible for getting permissions on people on film?

The client is responsible for getting all appearance waivers. Signage is available to assist in the process.

What is the service area inlcuded with free travel?

The included service area is 25 miles from Downtown Baltimore. All travel for venue changes is included up to an additional 25 miles.

Will you travel out of state?

Yes, the associated fees are negotiable.

Do you have a studio space?

We currently don’t operate out of a studio. However we have great relationships with multiple studios in the area.

What payment types do we accept?

The preferred payment method is check. However, we accept Paypal as well.

In what format do you record?

We have access to a large variety of video equipment. We can record in even the highest quality formats, including high bitrate 4:2:2 codecs.

In what format do you deliver videos?

We can deliver videos in almost any format. Larger file types cannot be delivered online.

What do you charge for overtime?

All packages have their own overtime rates. See your contract for details.

What, exactly, is considered a revision?

Revisions are any request the deals with changing the contents of a draft. To maximize the value of each revision, we recommend gathering all of your ideas and communicating them to us at once.

Are you insured?

Yes, but we’ve never needed?

Are you services taxabe?

Yes, we charge and all applicable services.

Can we extend our hosting options?

Yes. Lifetime hosting is available with any project for $59.

How much is the deposit?

One third of the final quoted price is due to reserve your date.

When is the rest of the money due?

The second third of the quoted price is due before filming starts. The reminder is due within 30 days of the final product being delivered.

Who owns the right to your video?

Typically, you own the rights to your video. However, unless negotiated in the contract, you give ThatGuyZeb permission to use the footage for promotional and educational purposes.

About Wedding Videos

Do you have female filmmakers for the bride prep videos?

Yes, we understand and respect your privacy and traditions.

Can we have a meeting before hand?

Absolutely. I prefer it.

Will we be at the rehearsal dinner?

Yes, we come to the rehearsal dinner for plannng. But filming is not included in any packages.

Do you take breaks, and are we responsible for feeding your team?

We coordinate meals and breaks to fit in your schedule. And it makes it much easier if you feed us. We really appreciate it.

Will our lights and sound equipment be intrusive?

We are very flexible with equipment packages. We have plenty of solutions that guarantee a quality capture while remaining discreet.

Will you be interviewing our guests?

If you’d like, we have a lot of options of things to film during the reception. We can discuss that further during planning.

Will you work with our photgrapher?

Yes, we love to. As a matter of fact, we’d like to meet and coordinate with them long before the wedding.

When can we expect our final video?

The typical wedding video will be ready to be delivered within a month after the ceremony. If a faster turnaround is required, that can be arranged during planning.

Can we choose our music?

Yes, however, there are many issues with licensing and permissions. We have hundreds of royalty free options. Contact us for more information.

Can we get the Raw Footage from the wedding?

Yes, raw footage is $50 per camera, plus the cost of any digital media needed to transfer it.

About Corporate Videos

Do you do concept development?


Are planning meetings included in the package cost?

Yes, one planning meeting is included with each event recording package.

About Performer Videos

Will you help plan our music video?


Do you do multitrack audio recording?

Yes, multitrack audio is available but not included in any of the packages.

When can we expect to have our video delivered?

Raw footage can be delivered the same day as the performance. Edited live performances are usually ready within 2 weeks. Full feature music video productions tend to take longer. Those details will be discussed during planning.

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