Corporate Video Packages

Whether you’ve just started building your brand or you’re well established, an accurate and compelling representation of your group is always a top priority. A high quality video, when done right, will enhance your market presence and solidify your message with your followers.

I have done extensive work in the corporate audio visual field. And I’m ready to handle everything from lecture and conference filming to broadcast commercials and internal communications. From the most basic projects to the most adventurous me and my team will deliver.

Let me help share your vision,

Zeb Blair


Full HD Video

All videos are recorded in premium High Definition quality. We use the best filming equipment to make sure we capture all of the action, no matter the conditions.

Clear Audio

From the windiest beaches to the most echoing halls, we have the proper audio gear for the situation. And we know how to use it. Expect crystal clear sounds from every part of your important day.

Talented Staff

Our team is the most professional and qualifed around. We not only know our equipment and craft, but we offer an unparalled level of service.

Free Travel

All travel expenses are included in the package price, within our service area. And there are no additional fees for changing venues. See below for more details.

Online Delivery

Who has a DVD player anymore? Well if you do we offer that option, as well as, flash drives and Blu-Rays. Your video will still be accessible oline for sharing and protection.

Pro Video FX

Zeb is a seasoned filmmaker and motion graphics artist. He brings his years of practice to every endeavor. Each project receives it’s own unique treatment suited to your needs.

Great Add-ons

If a packages doesn’t fit your plan perfectly, we offer many optional features. From Online streaming to additional staff and specialty cameras, we have the preparations for even the most adventurous projects.

A+ Support

From beginning to end, we are by your side to help you develop your idea. And even after completion, we’re there for revisions, duplications, and questions.

Event Recording Packages


$ 249

  • 2 Hours on location
  • 2 Cameras
  • 1 Filmmaker
  • 1 Client Revision
  • 1 1/2 Hour Edited Feature
  • $149 – Unedited Footage Only


$ 499

  • 5 Hours on location
  • 2 Cameras
  • 2 Filmmakers
  • 2 Client Revisions
  • 3 Hour Edited Feature
  • $299 – Unedited Footage Only


$ 999

  • 12 Hours on location
  • 3 Cameras
  • 3 Filmmakers
  • 3 Client Revisions
  • 4 Hour Edited Feature
  • $599 – Unedited Footage Only
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